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 Innovative Strategies for Expanding Participation 

Make breakfast part of the school day

Move breakfast out of the cafeteria before school and make it convenient for students to participate. Implementing alternative delivery models have proven to be the most successful strategies for schools to increase breakfast participation

Serve what they like

Providing breakfast items that the children are interested in and want to eat helps draw them to the program.


Involve students in the process

In a high school with a culinary program, having students help pack classroom breakfasts for the next morning provides training time for these students and helps support the school breakfast program. Children may also be involved in providing feedback on changes to or implementation of an effective school breakfast program.

Support from teachers and administrators

Gaining support from the school administration and teachers is essential to providing a seamless school breakfast program. Schools can help by providing a free breakfast for teachers, or by providing specialty trashcans for breakfast trash only, for example

Combat litter

For grab n’ go models, schools implement garbage pick-up routines for students who are late to class. This eliminates the litter, and also encourages students not to litter in the first place. For the little ones, schools can assign one student each week to pick up the classroom breakfast trash and deliver to a central, designated spot outside the classroom to reduce the impact on janitorial staff.

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