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 Getting Teachers Involved 

How to Engage Teachers:

  • Highlight the many learning benefits of school breakfast that can help teachers in the classroom, including improved attendance, fewer disciplinary referrals and trips to the school nurse in the morning, and higher standardized test scores.

  • Once breakfast in the classroom has been implemented, provide training for teachers to ensure that students are receiving a full reimbursable meal and, if applicable, that teachers are counting and claiming meals properly.

  • Offer resources for teachers to develop lessons during the 10-15 minutes that students are eating to ensure that no instructional time is lost. Lessons during breakfast can include a health lesson about the importance of proper nutrition, a math lesson using recipes or nutrition labels, or a science lesson about growing fruits and vegetables.


What Teachers Can Do:

Teachers can encourage students to participate in the breakfast program and incorporate jobs for students into the breakfast service in the classroom. Jobs can include helping to deliver breakfast to the classroom, passing out meals, handing out cleaning supplies to wipe down desks after breakfast, and putting breakfast trash bags in the hallway for custodial staff to pick up.

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